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Goldwyn Heifer from Felicity Family to Sell

Semagen Goldwyn Coralina will sell at the North West Stars of the Future sale on October 1st in Rochester.  She has been one of my favourite heifers since her arrival in August last year. Nevertheless, I've decided that she is right for this sale and her future will be better served in the hands of other owners. What makes her special? A pedigree that goes back to Rockwood Park Warden Cretonne for starters.  A dam who scored VG86 on her second classification earlier this year, as well as a granddam with VG88 and the VG88 Cretonne.  The dam is nearing the end of her second lactation and her production record has been very impressive:
2 Lactations  18,870L  635P 3.36% 789F 4.18%
On top of all that is the GOLDWYN mating.  It was hard to imagine a better one when the dam was joined and there probably isn't a better one to hand at this date.  The JAMES son out of the great GYPSY GRAND family seemed to be the ultimate sire to mate with the IGNITER x PRELUDE x WARDEN pedigree and, of course, one of Australia's most famous families in the Felicitys.  I'll have a photograph before the sale, I hope, and it'll be posted as soon as it's available.  And, I hope to see you at the sale as it'll be a corker with a pile of great lots, including Coralina.  She's Lot 15 and here's a copy of the catalogue.