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James Jolie - Swiss Sensation at Semagen

In January 09 at the Swiss Expo in Lausanne, Castel James Jolie Ex94 was unbeaten across the board and was crowned as the new 'Queen of Lausanne'. But wait, there's more, Jolie more recently went on to win Bulle with another clean sweep. The May edition of Holstein International declares the Swiss Sensation as 'one of Europe's all-time greats' and a 'truly special' individual. Jolie is pictured at right. Other recent photos, here. Jolie is in calf to SANCHEZ, with interest from Swissgenetics.The latest report from Lawrence Zubke in Europe is that she's grown another four inches, she's ribbed down some more and she's simply the best black and white on this earth!   He's comparing her to Starbuck Whitney who dominated Madison in the early 90s. Semagen is joint owner of Jolie and hopes to bring embryos to Australia very soon.