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Borrowing Dulls the Edge of Husbandry

Shakespeare was referring to an epidemic amongst the gentry in his day for selling off their farm estates piece by piece to fund their expensive lifestyles. A lot of breeders would no doubt recognise the same sense of encroaching poverty with their expensive hobby of pedigreed cows: the pride of owning another great family and the returns that never quite do justice to the initial cost of the investment. Here at Semagen we've made some management changes and I hope that I can better meet the expectations of those who are keen on my sensational Swiss Holstein, Castel James Jolie Ex95. I will continue to work closely with Jolie's proud breeders and carers, the Castellas of Switzerland, and her illustrious vet, Dr Reinhold Pokorny, to keep Jolie at her very best for many years to come.  All enquiries should be directed to her owner, Mark Leslie.  Email is the best means of contacting me: Please do!