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By the glorious worth of my descent

In the focus: Dashawn
At 2065 TPI he ranks more than 150 points ahead of his famous half-brother Domain. Not only because of that is Dashawn among the most valuable sons of talented bull dam Ronelee Outside Dabble. Since August, this Boliver son has a proof based on 153 daughters. He even could be able to increase his initial genomic proof. Dashawn is a true all-rounder with strong fitness figures, solid milk production and positive components. His PTAT of 2.81 is based on a good transmitting pattern for frame and legs, lots of dairyness, and strong udder attachments. Attention has to be paid to the somewhat plain rumps.

[Holstein International Weekly Newsletter 30/10/2013]

Of course, I've re-posted this little ditty from HI because of the DOMAIN reference. The maternal family is breeding well in the genomic race and my DOMAIN heifer out of the LEAD-MAE line has matching potential with a DGV of +2408. Not everyone likes the TOYSTORY in the mix, but I was always a bit suss on BOLIVER. It's good to remember Dave Bachmann saying that animals "breed to the average of their inheritance" over generations and that any given generation is the intersection of two lines, not one crossing out another. There's more than a good chance that Ronelee have the benefit of good judgement in selecting the matings on DABBLE and that we can expect more downstream talent from this maternal line.