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Happy prologues to the swelling act

Since 15 March, Semagen Jasper Jolie has been housed at the BLUECHIP farm of Dean and Dianna Malcolm. She was recently photographed and the latest reports indicate that, while a shade immature, she has the goods and we expect her to develop into a cow with show ring credentials. There's a strong chance that she will show at the National Herd Development Winter Fair in July.

Semagen Jasper Jolie as a 13 month heifer.

Castel James Jolie is very close to calving and Martin Rubesam of Wiesenfeld Holsteins reports that she is in a wonderful state of readiness for the calf and for a new round of exhibitions. It was great to see one of Jolie's strongest rivals in Decrausaz Iron O'Kalibra winning the HI World Championship for 2013, so the chance of Jolie meeting up with O'Kalibra once again is an exciting prospect.

James Jolie photographed at Wiesenfelds late 2013.
Another of our older girls is set to enter an IVF program very soon. Clydevale Informer Panda VG89 has been getting outrageously fat in her Cohuna paddock and it's now crunch time as far as producing a few more girls to carry on the Penny line at Semagen. Paloma, Pandolfina and Portia are our only other members at this stage, so we're fingers-crossed for a bag of embryos to go in this spring. The second priority is to get Panda pregnant and calved in next year with the hope that she'll classify well after a fourth calf.