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Why then, can one desire too much of a good thing?

It's been too long, I know, since I last wrote something here on Semagen's website. I can only say that it's been an equally long time since something of any real note happened at Semagen. The tide has turned, however, and it's apt to report a calving season of particular good fortune. I've just spent a solid hour documenting calf registrations for spring 2017, fourteen in all and 12 of them ETs.

First ET to land was Semagen Jodha out of Semagen Supersire Jodie. She's either a McCUTCHEN or a MOGUL; we'll have to wait and see the DNA results to know that one.

There were five ET donors among the dams, three of them daughters of our own paragon, JAMES JOLIE. The JOLIE daughters are by ATWOOD (USA), CHELIOS (Germany) and SUPERSIRE (Australia). In turn, the ET-calves are by McCUTCHEN, MOGUL, SOLOMON, BRADNICK and BEEMER, but we'll need to do some DNA tests before we know exactly what we've got.

The other two donors were Canadians: Velthuis Mogul Lady from the Lila-Z lineage and Garay Windbrook Delice from the Dellias.  The calves are by McCUTCHEN and BRADNICK, respectively.

To complete 2017's team of spring calves, we received a lovely BRADNICK heifer from the Camelias and an interesting ARCHRIVAL from the Pollys.