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Wisdom is Golden

Someone said to me that, like it or not, Jolie's pedigree is an old one and you're going to struggle to find interested buyers for her sons, daughters and embryos. The reality is that her embryos have been selling for more than 4,000USD a piece and first-choice females have been bought for 40,000USD.  Maybe, they're just old-fashioned guys who drive vintage tractors and milk by hand!

I liked Raffaele di Ciommo's letter in the latest Holstein International [March 2012, p.75] where he concludes that 'So long as our business is milking cows and not bulls, we will keep using high-reliability bulls, because 'all that glitters is not gold!" Bravo, Raffaele! That comes 70 odd pages after Jan Bierma says that "one who is wise, works with caution, and has patience."

Jolie has proven her absolute worth as an exceptional show cow, a true-type specimen, utterly functional, incredibly productive, and pleasingly fertile. There's a lot of hyperbole out there about the next million-dollar Holstein, but real results are where it's at.

Daughters of Jolie will make their way into the European, Australian and North American markets in 2012 and 2013.  I expect that they will make their mark, one way or another.