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Over a Hump

As you may already be aware, embryos from Castel James Jolie were landed at Tullamarine some weeks ago and have cleared through AQIS. Why do I describe it in this peculiar way?  It's only that those whom I originally approached to help with importing Jolie's embryos took some delight in telling me, after a lot of time wasting, that the embryos from this incredible cow did not qualify for Australia. 
I guess we sorted that one out and it leaves me smiling.  It also leaves me wondering about a business that might well be at the mercy of people who are quite happy to put their own interests well ahead of others.  Not that there's anything unusual about that as a phenomenon, but it seems me that the business of cattle breeding does enjoy boasting about a traditional rural spirit which underlies its operations.  The trouble here is naivety and misplaced trust.  I'm guilty of the latter and suspecting of the former.

Anyway, I have ten embryos in Australia and they will find recipients pretty soon.  Sires are JASPER who we really fancied as a LEE son over Jolie, ATWOOD who has been impressive so far with impressive daughters in north America, and BOSS IRON who commands ongoing respect in many corners of the business and could actually be the golden cross on our World Champion Holstein Cow.  Needless to say, the best of the best will be available to Australian Holstein breeders about a year from now.  You can trust me on that one: I'll breed Jolie's best daughter in Australia, but someone else will own her.