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The inaudible and noiseless foot of Time

Amazingly, we now have four generations of Pennys at Semagen. Clydevale Informer Panda VG89 was bought from the Dees back in September 2007. She calved in with a bull last week after a long period dry and she has settled nicely.

On the same day, her grand-daughter, Semagen Goldfish Portia GP81, produced her second calf, Semagen Planet Peta. A fertility weakness has made the process of building the family feel like a very arduous one, but four generations in seven years now feels pretty good. The Goldfish daughter calved one year to the day after her first calf, so I'm just a little bit hopeful that she might have dodged the low-fertility bullet.

Her dam, Semagen Shottle Paloma VG88, continues to give us problems getting in calf. We will keep working on it with appropriate corrective matings over coming generations and, hopefully, fix the problem.

A little bit of flag still, but Panda is holding up nicely.

Peta has big ears, but the rest of her supports PLANET's calving ease reputation.