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I could be bounded in a nutshell

The first Australian daughter of JAMES JOLIE calved 27 October and she has settled nicely into this first lactation. The view, at this stage, is of a beautifully framed young cow, but lacking a little bit in stature and ligament. Like her dam, Semagen Jasper Jolie may well benefit from a couple more calves, and a similar pattern has emerged with the SID and ATWOOD daughters elsewhere in the world.

Semagen Jasper Jolie just before afternoon milking

The second of the Australian JOLIES is Semagen Supersire Jodie and she is just on 15 months old and should be mated by the close of 2015. She offers a very different style of pedigree via her paternal line, while maintaining the virtues of her dam's conformation.

Semagen Supersire Jodie
Each of the daughters has met expectations so far and the work continues building a good foundation of stock on the JOLIE legacy.