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Shottle Daughter Shaping Up

Elm Banks Shottle Plum is well into her first lactation and pregnant to Planet.  Her May herd test:
+1.5    23.9 litres   0.94 kgP    3.9%    1.07 kgF    4.5%    167cc    PI 101
 263 days    6512 litres    216 kgP    3.3%    243 kgF    3.7%
Plum comes from the family of Strathaire Inspiration Charity, same as Winluke and Plumsair, out of a Jocko, out of a Raimon.  She only scored 81 on her first inspection, but the strength of this premier lactation is reassurance that the family's production values remain intact.  I bred her to Planet on advice that he's a very good genomic match with Shottle.  I'm looking to improve the fore attachment, maintain protein, and take advantage of some outcross vitality.  Plum's strongest area is feet and legs, so I wasn't overly concerned about Planet's weakness there.  I wouldn't mind a bull, but there would be good value in a daughter.  I'm looking forward to flushing Plum after she has calved.  She's proving her worth in the vat and I'm confident that she'll smarten up some for her next classification.