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By the glorious worth of my descent

In the focus: Dashawn
At 2065 TPI he ranks more than 150 points ahead of his famous half-brother Domain. Not only because of that is Dashawn among the most valuable sons of talented bull dam Ronelee Outside Dabble. Since August, this Boliver son has a proof based on 153 daughters. He even could be able to increase his initial genomic proof. Dashawn is a true all-rounder with strong fitness figures, solid milk production and positive components. His PTAT of 2.81 is based on a good transmitting pattern for frame and legs, lots of dairyness, and strong udder attachments. Attention has to be paid to the somewhat plain rumps.

[Holstein International Weekly Newsletter 30/10/2013]

Of course, I've re-posted this little ditty from HI because of the DOMAIN reference. The maternal family is breeding well in the genomic race and my DOMAIN heifer out of the LEAD-MAE line has matching potential with a DGV of +2408. Not everyone likes the TOYSTORY in the mix, but I was always a bit suss on BOLIVER. It's good to remember Dave Bachmann saying that animals "breed to the average of their inheritance" over generations and that any given generation is the intersection of two lines, not one crossing out another. There's more than a good chance that Ronelee have the benefit of good judgement in selecting the matings on DABBLE and that we can expect more downstream talent from this maternal line.


When daffodils begin to peer

What they say about Crackholm Fever throwing more heifers than bulls seems to have worked in our favour as the season opened very nicely with three girls out of four embryos from the Italian Painky family. The donor is a full sister to Scooby-Duu. Young Canadian Planet son from the Lila-Z family, Gen-I-Beq Halak, has provided us with daughters in our Polly and Elegance families. Here's the spring 2013 list:

Semagen Fever Godiva (from Allen x Formation x Go-Farm Juror Painky Ex92)
Semagen Halak Elva (Mac x Durham x Lee x Linjet x Krull Broker Elegance Ex96)
Semagen Fever Gabriella (from Allen x Formation x Go-Farm Juror Painky Ex92)
Semagen Fever Gala (from Allen x Formation x Go-Farm Juror Painky Ex92)
Semagen Halak Pollyanna (Laurin x Icefyre x Orchard Vale Talent Polly VG89)

Crackholm Fever


You make fat rascals, mistress doll!

Gluttons for punishment we may be, but another round of it is the tall order we shall make for ourselves.  Team Jolie proceedeth!


As good luck would have it

Even good luck finds itself on a two-way street. On the other side of the street were four imported embryos that yielded nought. This side of the street provided generous compensation with three sisters from four embryos. Can't complain, can I, when they're by Crackholm Fever from Italy's famous Painky family. The dam is Scooby Duu's full sister and one of Go-Farm's favourite daughters. Three more heifers complete this year's spring crop, including two by Gen-I-Beq Halak. Of greater interest might be this season's first calvers: Shottle and Mac sisters from the Elegance family and a Jasper from the Ravens.

Maybe she was. Halak's one of many sons from the family. 


The readiness is all

There's a lot of people who'll denounce genomics in the first sentence they throw at you, but secretly they've probably been tempted by a sale lot boasting some magical genomic score. We all like the idea that a bunch of numbers hold some special significance based on 50 odd tail hairs. Sure there's more to it than that, I know, but how much more?

Semagen Domain Medusa-ET
So, I've got this yearling heifer that's sired by one of the genomic celebs, DOMAIN, and her fourth dam is none other than the 95 point mega-brooder Whittier Farms Lead-Mae, and I succumb to the noise and send in her hairs for a genomic test. A little while later and I get the results from the HFAA and now I'm going to look like one of those weekend sport parents as I do victory laps holding up a sign with +2408 written big on it. Yeah, that's pretty good, and her scorecard reads nicely with positives on every trait but teat length, a little bit low on loin strength, and posty legs. Have a look at the test reports for all the numbers.

Just as interesting as Medusa's genomic test is that she has a flush brother, Semagen Domain Matthew-ET, and he might be brimming with genomic value. Then again, he might not, and that possibility is the thing that amuses me about all this science. It's a bit like betting on race favourites ... they don't always win, but you just feel so confident about it all. Collect Matthew on the basis that his sister has got the goods and get a thousand units out there and I'd bet that half his daughters line up with his sister. Or you get him tested and he's not so hot, or maybe he is.  His real-time daughters have got to line up just the same. Yeah?

Anyway, back in the real world, she's coming up for her first mating and I'm wondering where to go. Do we add more genomics into the mix and chase the fairytale?


Once more unto the breach

This is a magical arrival. One more heifer from Madonna brings our Lead-Mae contingent to four ladies. The latest is Mariska, a handsome GOLDSUN daughter already showing plenty of Italian style and strength.  Just look at that muzzle and crown.

Madonna has begun her second lactation very well, the only problem at this stage being that she seems to have outgrown the stalls in the milking shed.


Better three hours too soon than a minute too late

Don't miss this one!  Premier lot at the Swiss European Sale on Friday 1 March, Fribourg, Switzerland.