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Some of Us Just Can't Get Enough of Her!

The latest report in Holstein International on Jolie's Bulle win:

Jolie remains unbeatable
At the end of last year she became sovereign of the European Holstein population. A title which she has underlined time and again since then in her home country Switzerland. After the success at the Swiss Expo in January, Castel Jolie won the National Show in Bulle last Sunday.


Jolie Wins Swiss Expo Bulle 2011

She's done it, the whole kit and kaboodle, Lausanne and Bulle, twice over. What a cow!


New Semagen Calves

Three keenly anticipated calves arrived this week: an Ernesto heifer from Semagen Fortune Madonna-IMP-ET, a heifer from the Regancrest HHF Mac x Semagen Pronto Regina-IMP-ET flush, and a bull from the same flush. Madonna's heifer is large and black.  The two from Regina are 50/50s, not quite up to the size of the Ernesto, but good healthy calves.  Madonna has started her first lactation well, seemingly unperturbed by the milking shed and keen to milk. She's displaying a strong fore attachment as well as good height and width in the rear udder. Here's a couple of shots to illustrate, taken only a few days after calving.

I'm still disappointed with her lack of loin strength and the wonky topline that it produces. They're definitely the areas where she needs improvement in our mating choices and I'm keen to hear what you might suggest for the job.