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Remarkable Lead Mae Dynasty

Holstein International is reporting this month on the incredible story of the Lead Mae dynasty which almost never was had it not been for the break-through of Crockett-Acres Mtot Elly in 2007.  Back in 2008 I bought six FORTUNE embryos from Stanton Brothers Ltd in Ontario out of an IGNITER daughter Crockett-Farms ML Mindy Ex91.  One heifer was born from that purchase, Semagen Fortune Madonna, and she is currently in her first lactation with a single daughter, Semagen Ernesto Matilda.

Semagen Fortune Madonna-IMP-ET
I'm more than a little heartened by HI's article seeing as Jim Stanton says that the various branches of the family amongst their 200 or so milking Lead Maes don't differ much from each other in performance.  Better still, Stanton says that his favourite Lead Mae is Stantons Advent Must RC VG88, a daughter of ... ML Mindy!  That makes me very happy, indeed.  My own Mindy daughter, Madonna, has LAUTHORITY and DOMAIN embryos just recently implanted.  You'll have to excuse her floppy ear and concentrate on Madonna's typically correct Lead Mae udder, only just visible in the photo below.  There's an absolute swag of Lead Mae sons in sire lists world-wide, including America's Number 2 TPI bull, Morningview LEVI, the latest star.

Panda Tops the November Test at Clydevale

At 80 days into her third lactation Clydevale Informer Panda VG89 has topped the latest herd test with 54.9 litres.  Components are low at 2.7%P and 2.6%F, but she's climbed to a PI of 114 and is looking very strong at this stage of the game.  Elm Banks Shottle Plum is also chugging along nicely after 438 DIM: up a little this month to 22.6 litres, her percentages for the lactation are at 3.4P and 4.1F.  Plum is pregnant to BRAXTON.

Clydevale Informer Panda VG89