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Canadian Queen

It was a high risk strategy based on our 50% ET strike rate so far and only a half chance that we get a female, but the purchase of two embryos from Canadian breeders, Erbcrest, has returned us a heifer calf with a pretty special pedigree. Semagen Pronto Regina was born 3 January 09. She's out of the mating of Erbcrest Jolt Redrose (pictured left) and Windy-Knoll-View Pronto. Here's the pedigree: Pronto x VG 88 Jolt x Ex 90 Shark x VG 87 Storm x Ex 90 Raider x Ex 90 Inspiration x Ex 90 Telstar Ace.Amongst the six dams there are outstanding component figures and some standout longevity records. Makes sense then, that Regina has brothers in AI: Mr Royal (Shottle) at Semex and Rocket (Mr Sam) at Foundation Sires. As well, her Goldwyn sister has two sons in AI and six further contracts to fulfil. Redrose is a one star brood cow. We reckon we're onto something! Click here for photos of Regina.