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More Gold from the Felicitys

The darling of our little herd, Bradence Igniter Corrina VG86, delivered the goods on 17 August 2009 when she produced a Goldwyn heifer: Semagen Goldwyn Coralina. Corrina is grand-daughter to the iconic Cretonne. So, it's Australian great meets Canadian great, Felicitys meet the Gypsy Grands. After her outstanding first lactation, I would have been happy with either sex; but she seems to favour the heifer variety and I'm not complaining.  At 241 DIM her current record sits at 7,335 litres Milk, 242kg Protein(3.3%), 301kg Fat(4.1%), and PI 100. Corrina's granddam, Rockwood Park Warden Cretonne, is pictured left.