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Power Up on Panda

Clydevale Informer Panda VG88 (pictured right) is the ultimate in milking machines on four legs. She's on her third lactation and at 538 DIM has produced 17,397 litres Milk, 599kg Protein (3.4%) and 674kg Fat (3.9%). Herd PI sits at 116. If you're wondering whether she's been noticed by an AB yet, the answer's "yes", we're just waiting for her to produce a bull.For now we have a really lovely virgin heifer that's coming up to her first flush. Her name's Semagen Shottle Paloma and she's grazing in the hills of Poowong, Gippsland.  Panda is out of the famous "P" family at Clydevale in Victoria's northern irrigation district and yet another success for the Dee family in their pursuit of awesome Holstein production and type.