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My salad days, when I was green in judgment

I remember making the trip to the Dees at Macorna to inspect CLYDEVALE INFORMER PANDA as my first investment in 'serious' livestock. I was green then and only a little less now, but there are four generations of Pennys at Semagen now and they have lived up to our expectations in terms of their consistent combination of production and type.

The investment is yet to generate a financial return, but the decision has been taken to enter a yearling 'Penny' heifer in the 2016 Australian Holstein-Zoetis Showcase Sale. She's by TOC-FARM DUPLEX GLAUCO out of Panda's third daughter, SEMAGEN BEAU PANDOLFINA, by our own BAXTER son out of the GYPSY GRANDS. Here's a recent photo:

S. Glauco Paolo (left) and S. DVD Susanna